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What Is Ear Wax?

Ear wax is a natural substance produced by glands in the skin of the outer ear canal. It acts as a helpful coating for the ear canal so removal of it is not necessary. However, in cases of ear blockage or excessive ear wax build up, it may be necessary to remove the impacted or excessive ear wax.

Excessive wax build up can be caused by putting small objects in your ears like a hearing aid, hairpins or headphones. Inserting these objects in your ear pushes the wax further down the ear canal.

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Symptoms of Excessive Ear Wax

A build-up of earwax in your ear can cause:

  • Earache
  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (hearing sounds from inside your body)
  • Itchiness in or around the ear
  • Vertigo (a spinning sensation)
  • Ear infections

These problems will usually improve once the excess earwax has been removed.

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 Causes of Ear Wax Build Up

Who does ear wax impaction typically affect?

  • Children aged 6 and over
  • Adults aged 55 and over
  • Elderly patients
  • Cognitive impaired and dementia related patients
  • Hearing aid patients
  • Individuals with recurrent ear infections

You might have earwax build up because:

  • The amount of ear wax varies dependant on the individual
  • You have hairy or narrow ear canals (the tubes that link the eardrum and outer ear)
  • Of your age – wax gets harder and more stubborn to remove over time and cannot fall out as easily when you get older
  •  When you frequently insert hearing aids, earplugs and other foreign objects into your ear – this can push the wax further inside the ear

For more information about ear wax and our home ear wax removal via microsuction at Clear Ear Treatments, please don't hesitate to get in touch to speak to an expert.

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How to Remove Ear Wax

Ear wax can be removed through one of three techniques.

Home ear wax removal. Microsuction treatments are superior to ear syringing.


Based on medical research and guidelines, microsuction is regarded as the gold standard by the medical profession in the treatment of excessive wax build up. We offer both in clinic and a home ear wax removal service at Clear Ear Treatments.

Ear Irrigation with Water

This is the process of removing wax from the ear canal via a controlled pressured water pump. This process is regarded safer then ear syringing and particularly effective amongst children if they struggle to sit still.

Ear Syringing

Ear syringing has largely been replaced by water ear irrigation and is no longer seen by the NHS as the first choice of treatment for the removal of excessive ear wax.



Microsuction vs Ear Irrigation/Syringing

Advantages of Microsuction

  • Can be performed even in the presence of ear drum perforation
  • It is the only technique safe to use for wax/debris removal in the presence of an external or middle ear infection
  • Complication rates are extremely low in comparison with ear irrigation
  • Instant Results. The results of a microsuction procedure are instantaneous and you will notice a real difference once the procedure is over
  • No mess
  • No preparation required such as olive oil prior to procedure
  • Microsuction is a simple procedure which takes approximately 30 minutes and is most likely to remove all stubborn wax build up in the ear canals

Drawbacks of Ear Irrigation and Syringing

  • Cannot be used on individuals with perforated eardrums or grommets and foreign objects in the ear
  • The procedure can only be performed once ears are softened for several days before treatment
  • Ear wax can be further impacted into the ear canal through the water being pumping into the ear
  • Damage and trauma to the ear canal and eardrum (including perforation)
  • Hearing loss (temporary or permanent) and tinnitus (ringing type noise inside the ear) or even worse tinnitus. This is rare.
  • Faintness, dizziness or vertigo if the water is not at body temperature. This is due to the ‘caloric’ effect and is normally only short lasting.

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What Happens During Your Microsuction Treatment?

The microsuction procedure is relatively straightforward and should only last around 30 minutes. Before your treatment begins our specialists will ask you some medical related questions, regarding your ears and any medication that could have an impact on the wax removal procedure such as warfarin.

We will then view your ear canals to assess how much excessive wax there is and the best way to give you perfect clear ears.

For the actual microsuction, we will use a microscope and specula to access the ear canal. We will then use a microsuction tool to gently suck out any excessive ear wax. When this is complete we will re-examine the ear canal to make sure that your ear canal is clear.


If you are undergoing microsuction in our pharmacy at Alsager, our specialists team will be able to give you a full ear examination. In some cases, you may be experiencing ear problems because of an underlying infection, rather than ear wax build up. In such a case, we will be able to discuss and refer you to a doctor if necessary.

If you would like to book a mobile or home microsuction ear wax removal service in Alsager, Manchester, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Liverpool, Essex or Oxford (as well as any surrounding location within 40 miles), please get in touch with us at Clear Ear Treatments to book an appointment.



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